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Las Vegas Community

Viva Las Vegas!

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Welcome to the Las Vegas Community on LiveJournal!

Do you live in Las Vegas? Are you a fan of the city? Planning a trip here soon? Feel like throwing a LiveJournal party in Sin City? Want to discuss Vegas current events? In search of new and interesting friends? If so, this is the community for you.

Now... let's get to know each other and have some fun! Viva Las Vegas!

Here are the rules:

- Be nice. Flames will not be tolerated.
- Keep the LiveJournal TOS in mind before posting.
- All posts should be Vegas-related.
- Use plain black text when posting/commenting.
- Please lj-cut lengthy posts and pictures over 400 pixels wide/high.
- Do not post quizzes or quiz results.
- All posts must have comments enabled.
- Off-topic and duplicate posts will be deleted without notice.
- Check out our memorable posts before asking a question.
- Promotion of other Vegas communities is limited (once a month). Promotion of non-Vegas communities must be done in community_promo. Promotion of other groups/activities in Las Vegas outside of LJ is limited and subject to deletion by moderator if deemed inappropriate or downright annoying.
- If you have questions or concerns, contact one or all of the moderators.



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