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jocosa wrote in lasvegas
Hi all :)

We're flying into Vegas on Sunday and we'll be there through Thursday. We've got Mystere and Mike Hammer tickets bought and printed. Really wanted to see Love but everything is pretty much dark that week since it's the week after rodeo but before Christmas vacations really start. We aren't renting a car and we're staying at the south end of the strip. We'll go early and take in Fremont Street before and after the Mike Hammer show.

We gamble a little. Very little. So we're all looking for other things to do. It's been about 6 years since I've been there and I/we will wander the strip and look at all the outside stuff again BUT... *grin*

What else would you suggest? We're not really club/dance type people. We drink but are mainly a beer or wine type of group. Is Minus5 worth the price to get in? Which hotels have neat or fun stuff inside? Is the shark reef worth the price of admission (Is it any diff. then the one at SeaWorld here in San Diego?)?

I saw Cosmo mentioned a couple times in a previous post as being neat inside. What makes it neat? :)

We like dive type bars with rock or classic rock going on. Or just fun/unique bars.

Which buffet do you local types head to when you feel the need to graze? What about when you want a fantastic steak dinner with all the fixings? Budget wise for the steak dinner we'd like to stay around $30 a plate or so, not including drinks of course. If it is really good we can go a bit higher.

And lastly (Sorry, this did get long!) we will be getting in sort of late, 8:30pm or so, on Sunday so by the time we shuttle to the strip, check in, etc will be 9:30/10pm and we will still need to get a quick dinner. What would you suggest that is really near the south end (Trop, MGM, etc) that is open later and we can get good food to go like burgers or pizza? Or that we can eat at but is good, cheap and super close to those hotels?


  • 1 Las Vegas Forum is a great resource for picking people's brains. They have folks from all backgrounds that share tips and info with each other.

I tried them 2 weeks ago and got 2 replies so thought I'd try here instead since its been uber helpful in the past. :)

Join Yelp if you haven't yet. We tend to be pretty helpful over there :)

Yes! I'll be going there myself in about a couple of weeks, I totally love that place.

Oh and it's a little south of the Strip, at Silverton, but Twin Creeks is a great place to get a steak dinner. About the same price as other steakhouses, the differences is that most Strip steakhouses charge extra for the sides, dinner salad and so on.. Twin Creeks does not. They also have a kick ass happy hour

If you want to stay on the Strip, the steak house at Circus Circus has a super old school feel to it and great service. It's really the only reason to go there when it's not October:

Thanks! We'll maybe try the Circus Circus one then since we will be car-less and I want to avoid taxi costs. Unless the bus swings by the other one?

Went, saw, ate, left feeling like a walrus! :P Food was fantastic, service was amazing! We had Michael as our server.

Thanks for the tip! :)

best dive bar ever -

order an ass juice. you'll love it

Yeah, the only replies I've gotten so far have all said that as well. *grin*

The Cosmopolitan is a good time just because on the second floor, there's really some nice things to look at, and if you're bored and drunk? You can explore the conference center area and find toys (I'm not kidding! There's all sorts of neat things if you just keep taking escalators!) and pianos to play with. They also have nice attractions for free, a lot - see what's playing at the Book and Stage! Get a drink or two at the Chandelier bar, just for the novelty of them, I'd say. I fully recommend the Campfire Delight on the second floor (each floor has its own drinks). Watching them toast the marshmallows for you is just really cool.

I would say Minus5 is not at all worth the price... ): It's actually pretty boring, since everyone is too covered in coats to dance or anything, and naturally the drinks are very overpriced.

I'd recommend Texas de Brazil for steak - it's highly recommended by pretty much everyone I've sent taxis to, haha.

If you're looking for a more indie rock scene, look into The Beauty Bar, in the downtown/Fremont area. Pregame beforehand, though, because The Beauty Bar has overpriced and poor drinks. The Bunkhouse is also a good choice, but you'll want to taxi there, because it's not a part of town you'd want to walk through. The Griffon has a really nice atmosphere due to the fireplaces, so give that a look, too!

As far as buffets, the World Buffet at the Rio is very highly recommended, but I'm not a buffet person that much.

A good dive bar with really cheap drinks is The Stage Door. It's on Flamingo Rd right behind Bill's Gambling Hall. Bunch of my co-workers go there all the time after they get off work because it's close to our casino.

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