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Viva Las Vegas!

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chicagal01 wrote in lasvegas
Hey Everyone! My entire family is coming in for the 4th, and they want to go see fireworks. I started looking up places to go last night and was dismayed that people have to pay upwards to $20 (per person) for a fireworks show? What the heck! Any ideas on where I could take my family for a decent show? Does anyone know what time fireworks go off on the strip? Or if they even do fireworks on the strip? I'm sorry, this is my first 4th here...I usually am in Chicago for the 4th-where fireworks are free and well advertised.

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Vegas isn't really well known for their July 4th fireworks. The Strip doesn't have any (at least in the last 4 years I've been here...) Station Casinos is doing a fireworks show this year from 5 of their properties around town. They're shooting from Red Rock Resort, Green Valley Resort, Santa Fe Station, Texas Station and Fiesta Rancho. All are supposed to be going off at 9:30p. I think they said it's a 9-minute show in time with music that will be broadcast on the Beasley Broadcasting Radio Stations (102.7, 96.3 and two others that I don't remember...). Hope this helps!

Hey sweetie,

Never something I've had to worry about here because I can see the entire valley's fireworks from my balcony, but the strip does do some fireworks. Here is some information from the vintage Vegas feed about fireworks around town.

*Friday, July 4th

Caesars Palace will be hosting a fireworks display by the famed Grucci Family of New York. When you call the front desk, they don't seem to know they are doing this but if you are persistent, they will find someone who does know. They are planning on informing their guests by letter on the morning of July 4th (presumably with the morning paper) but here is the info:

9:30 pm at Caesars Palace National Class Fireworks Display

The Las Vegas Hilton had a little more info on their fireworks display. I called the Special Events number and they told me right away that the fireworks will be going off at 9:30 pm over the Hilton Hotel. The display is by the famed Grucci family of New York.

9:30 pm Las Vegas Hilton State Class Fireworks Display

The difference between National Class and State Class displays appears to be the amount of money being spent for the displays. *

*Fireworks at Station Casinos
When: 9:30 p.m. July 4
Where: Red Rock Resort, Green Valley Ranch resort, Texas Station, Fiesta Rancho, Sunset Station & Santa Fe Station

The Grucci's of New York have been commissioned to produce "Lights Over Vegas" for 6 of Station Casinos properties around town. The fireworks show will be choreographed to music paying tribute to America and the fun spirit of Las Vegas and will include songs from artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Frank Sinatra, John Mellencamp, Bruce Springsteen, Yes, James Brown, ZZ Top and Copeland.

The musical score to "Lights Over Vegas" will be simulcast live on Beasley Broadcasting's four radio stations including KKLZ 96.3 FM Classic Hits, KCYE 104.3 FM Coyote Country, KFRH 102.7 Fresh FM and KDWN 720 AM talk radio.*

for a lot more information:


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