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Best place to take Nevada concealed carry permit class in Las Vegas?
jacqueline1776 wrote in lasvegas
Hi, I plan to move to Las Vegas in about a month and I would like to get a Nevada concealed carry permit. I understand that to get a permit in Nevada you must take a class taught in Nevada. Given that there are so many different places to take the required class, I was wondering if anyone here has any advice/information/recommendations of which range or organization to take it from? Thanks!

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You're gonna like Nevada!

Wow, wait till you get here! Just about every range offers some sort of concealed carry class and qualification... and there are a ~ton~ of ranges in Vegas! you will have absolutely no problem getting this done... I had my certificate for ever, just never went for the finger printing and the rest. Oh well. I now bunches of peeps in Vegas that have the permit... its pretty easy to get.

What I recommend is when you get here acquaint yourself with your local range and if they aren't charging an arm an a leg then go for it. I am assuming you are already experienced firing whichever weapon you are planning to conceal... so you won't need training in that aspect... just gotta get the classroom hours so you can take the qualification test which consists of single handed and freestyle shooting at like 2 5 and 10 yds or something.... its sooooooo easy!

Well, that might not have been what you were looking for, one of my favorite local ranges is American Shooters at Spring Mountain and Arville, they have the nicest, most affordable, range... pretty good gun store too. We also go to Discount Firearms a lot.. the people there are nice and the range a tad more hi-tech, a tad more expensive too though.

If you have any questions when you get here, just LMK, would be glad to help.

p.s. You can also qualify in another state for the Nevada permit... though the state has to have reciprocity with the rules here and they have to give you the right version of the test.

Re: You're gonna like Nevada!

Thanks for the info! I already have a permit in Washington, but Nevada apparently doesn't accept it.

I don't know from guns, but aren't you that chick that caused a minor Internet maelstrom because you have stringent dating requirements and high self-esteem?

The horror.

I knew that face looked familiar...but ahh yes, the horror! ;)

As for gun classes, the only ones I know about are in Pahrump, and based on what I'm seeing below you can do just fine staying much closer to home.

I've recently been using the indoor range at The Gun Store on Tropicana. Everybody in there has been very knowledgeable and friendly. While I haven't taken the CCW class yet, I would imagine that they would be a good place to take the class.

I've also heard a lot of good things from the instruction staff at Discount. A few friends of mine who have their CCW's went through Discount a few years ago. Be prepared to certify with any pistol you plan on carrying. The Gun Store WILL test you on timed right/left handed shooting and reloading at 3,7, and 10 yards.

On a side note, I noticed on your other blog, that you were excited about the ranges. The Gun Store requires that you purchase their inhouse ammo to shoot in their ranges. I'm averaging no less than $60 to shoot in there. American Shooters has two locations in town and only charge a 7.50 range fee, allowing you to bring your own ammo and paper targets.
If you're really serious about shooting, and don't mind an outdoor range, look into Desert Sportsman's Range. They are a private range requiring an NRA membership and a yearly membership fee of about $175. The range offers 24/7 access to members, have short and long ranges, and host a handful of IPSC and IDPA competitions regularly.

Thanks so much for all the detailed info!

BTW, in response to part of your blog...

I believe that the class spends more time covering legal issues and not a whole lot of time on technique or defensive shooting strategy. On that same token, that's why the state requires you to certify with each gun you conceal. That insures proficiency with it.

OK, thanks for the info.

I am taking the CCW class in January and have been looking around. A few people have already stated, just about every indoor and outdoor range teaches the class. The Gun Store and Discount Firearms are the lowest cost classes, $80.00. You have to qualify with each handgun you want to carry and most classes charge extra for qualifying with over 2 handguns. So if you carry backup guns you have to consider that cost. At the high end is Frontsite, they have a large facility outside of Pahrump, NV with several outdoor ranges and indoor classrooms. They only teach the CCW class as part of a four-day workshop and it cost around $2000.00. For that amount of time and money you will learn to out shoot a SWAT team but it is every expensive.

If you just want to get the class out of the way I suggest The Gun Store. They have weekly scheduled classes and a ladies night at the range if you want to check out the place. Most of the classes have all the same standard curriculum, length of classroom hours, and range qualification. Some classes are two day, one day of classroom and live fire another day sometimes by appointment only. I called around to ask who would be teaching the classes. Most of the time they said they would be NRA certified instructors, with military and/or law enforcement experience. Some schools said most of their instructors are currently working as police officers. When I ask for specific instructor’s names that would be teaching and what credentials they have, I was told “Well…it depends on whoever we can schedule to cover the class.” I started to look around for places at where more up front about whom the instructor would be and only found a few. Based on the credentials of the instructors I am taking the class with VTI Associates for $125.00. Yes, it is more expensive but Steven T. Baker’s credentials stood out. He has been an expert witness in court, something that might be helpful if I shoot a bad guy in self-defense and he has a Masters Degree in Security Administration.

After you get your Nevada drivers license you have to take all your handguns to a police station to get a “blue card” for each one. Clark County, NV is the only county in this state that has mandatory handgun registration. It is free but it is government information so that makes it public information. You have to have a blue card for each gun you want to put on your CCW permit. Oh and save some money for the CCW application it cost $105.00 not including fingerprinting and passport photos.

Also there is a new Sheriff in town and the rumor is, he wants to do way with CCW in this county! So hurry up, move here, get your NV drivers license, register your handguns, take the class, apply for your NV CCW permit, and change you WA permit to non-resident, at this time NV has no reciprocity with WA

This is NOT a complete list of places that teach the CCW class but it’s a start-

WOW! Thank you so much for all the info!!!

I just finished up my CCW class last week. If you have any questions let me know!

I took mine at:

Master Shooter's Supply
4017 W Sahara Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89102

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