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Ladies and gentlemen,

I hope people are still reading posts in this community.

My sister's dog ran away and we're asking for help in finding him. He ran away once before, and because of the heat, he was pretty weak and dehydrated that time. It's a little warmer now, so we're hoping he's still okay. He's been missing since Tuesday afternoon. She lives in Henderson, around S Racetrack and S Boulder Hwy. The dog is a miniature pinscher/chihuahua mix, black with brown on him. He answers to Monster. He does have a tag with my some contact info on it. I don't want to just give out my sister's number on here. He's a nice dog, doesn't bite, and tends to get along well with other dogs.

I don't know what else to put on here, other than I hope he's found, and I thank you in advance for your help.

Need a room.
Anyone have a room to rent to my cat and me for a handful of months, starting in August?

I can promise $200 in rent as of right now, housework like dishes and laundry, and potentially some towards bills.

I work from home, so would need Internet access, wouldn't be there all the time and if you've other pets, cat is fine with staying in room alone or with me, since she's not the friendliest with other animals.

Edit: I have found a place for now, thanks for reading.

NLV water
Hello everyone I need more people to sign my petition please help!

Will be moving to Las Vegas
With in the next 6 months. So far we have been looking at houses and talking to realtor's over the Internet. I am wondering if anyone could please tell me what the realtor's won't tell me, WHAT AREA'S OUT THERE SHOULD ONE AVOID LIVING NEAR OR IN? I currently live in Baltimore City, Maryland, not in a good area either, but then again most of Baltimore City is ghetto central. I do not want to live near an area like the the area I live in now, out there. So far the realtor's seem to tell us that Vegas has no "bad area's" and all of Vegas is "great to live in". So far I am not to found of how they are acting, just trying to get a sale.

So please enlighten me with what you all know about when it comes to living out there. =)


Corridor 3 Returns every 2nd and 4th Friday @ Area 170

We welcome you back to Corridor 3 June 10th for another night of industrial, ebm, synth pop, goth, darkwave, powernoise and more!!!

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Alien Vampires Live 7/10/2011</A>

Available Jobs!!
Peace &amp; Cheese
I have a few openings at work. We are a family owned and operated assisted living community (on Durango and Warm Springs by the San Martin Hospital) in search of the following staff:

Wellness Director, LPN ($$ DOE)

Food Service Director/ Chef ($$ DOE)

Dishwashers x2 ($10.00)

Part time Care Givers/ Resident Assistants ($10.00)

Expirience and love for the elderly is a must!

If interested please apply at:
8374 W. Capovilla Ave Las Vegas 89113

Ask for Jessica

Call Centers Hiring?
I know we get a lot of questions about jobs, especially lately, but here's another one. Sorry. I just got let go (shouldn't have been, I had a great record, but Caesar's/Bally's reservations has some really stupid rules & terrible management) after 4 1/2 years working reservations at the Bally's call center. I'd like to stay behind a computer, on a phone, but never as an outgoing calls/telemarketer. Don't care if it's in the casino industry or not. Anybody got any suggestions on where to look/who to apply with? I'm great on a computer and my customer service was complemented by both guests and fellow employees on a daily basis. I live near Charleston/Nellis, and would love to not have to travel as far as I previously did, as I ride the bus, but location is not a deal breaker no matter where it's at. I've heard great things about working for Zappos, and I know they're moving into a new location soon that might require more employees, but I can't find a listing to apply online for the call center anywhere. Does anybody reading this work for them? Any hints? Suggestions? I'm single, support both of my parents (my father is disabled and my mom takes care of him full time, so neither can add much money to the household), and recently bought a house. I was let go this past Saturday, I'll pick up my final check next week, so I need a new job with new money really quickly. Thanks in advance for any help you guys can give; I know I'm not the only one looking, so good luck to us all!

Tonight: Corridor 3 Returns Every 2nd & 4th Friday! w/ DSBP Recording artist WHORE performing live!

We welcome you back to Corridor 3 this Friday the 13th at Area 170 for...


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2 areas with professional sound and lighting
FREE entry before 11PM
$5.00 entry 11PM-close

$4 wells
$6 premium
$3 domestic
$4 import
$6 viagra's

+MORE to be announced! RSVP and support by clicking on the flyer!!!

Join us for CombatCon: June 24-26 at the Tuscany Hotel!
House rules - [shinyshapes]
Hello lasvegas! The mods have kindly given me permission to post here and invite you to join us for CombatCon: Where History and Fantasy Meet, a hybrid western martial arts and fan convention taking place at the Tuscany Hotel on June 24-26, 2011!

With programming and special guests in sci-fi, fantasy, steampunk, pirate, and horror genres, as well as western martial arts, the weekend will include panels, hands-on workshops, demonstrations, a costume contest, a masquerade ball, a film expo, and more. Featured guests include Anthony De Longis (Highlander the Series, Babylon 5, Leverage, Masters of the Universe); Neal Stephenson (author of Snow Crash and The Baroque Cycle); Roger Ma (author of The Zombie Combat Manual); Kyle Rowling (Star Wars Episode II and III); Nick Gillard (fight director, Star Wars Episode I, II, and III), and more. CombatCon will offer attendees an unprecedented opportunity to get up close and personal with experts and stars in a variety of fields, combined with the fun of getting together with fellow fans.

Interested? Check out our website for more information, or just jump right into registration. You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

And if you've got shiny things you'd like to sell to eager fans, check out our Vendor and Exhibitor information; we'd love to chat with you!

And finally, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. We hope to see you there!

Dr. Horrible has arrived at the Onyx
Last night, nine friends and I went to the opening night performance of Dr. Horrible's Singalong Blog (Live in Las Vegas) at the Onyx Theatre.


If you enjoyed Whedons' (yes, plural) internet musical, then you should enjoy the hell out of this show. The actors were great, the use of multimedia was inspired, and it was a really fun time--apparently most of the audience also had the same hugely original (haha) idea I had and we all joined in singing "We do the weird stuff!" to great effect.

After the show, my friends and I were hanging out in the parking lot chatting (as we are wont to do) and eventually the actors and director came out and we got to chat with them as well. They even signed some programs for folks who wanted autographs. Nice people, and it was cool to be with other geektastic folks who not only "get it" but do awesome things like put on this show.

It's on tonight and then Thursday, Friday, and Saturday next week too. Tix are $15 and you can get them here: The site for the show is here:! There are even some videos they've shot to supplement the canon show, inspired by the Dr. Horrible comic book.

I am in no way affiliated with this group. I just wanted to spread the awesome and give them some well-deserved recognition. :D


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